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5 best food hotspots in Indore

Indore is a city of food lovers, all the major landmarks in the city are food junctions. An Indori can travel kilometres for enjoying their favourite dish. Here is a list of 5 Best Food Joints in Indore

1.  Chappan Dukan (56 shops)

56 Dukan - Best Food Joints in Indore

Major attractions here are Vijay Chaat House – Khopra Patties, Agarwal Sweets – Ras Malai, Madhuram Sweets, Johny Hot Dog, Youn Tarang, F.Y.I its Maggie, Veg Roll etc.

2. Sarafa Bazaar

sarrafa bazar Major attractions here are Corner ka Samosa, Joshi Dahi Bade, Saawariya Sabudana Khichdi, Mahadev Rabri, Ghnate wale ki aaloo tikka. Pani Patase , Gulab Jamun, Jaleba – a King Size Jalebi, Garadu, bhutte ka kees etc.

3. Jail Road

Major attractions here are Prashant k Pohe, Aaloo Bada, Vijay Shri Sandwich, Punjabi Lassi, Kadi Fafda etc.

4. Anand Bazar

Major attractions here are Pohe and aaloo kachori at Ravi Swalpahar, Prashant Nashta Corner, Domino’s pizza, Jain Mithai Bhandar, Pedewala etc.

5. Bombay Hospital

Major attractions here are Anand Shree Fruit Bonanza, Infiniti Hotel, Shreemaya Celebrity, Indian Coffe House, Cafe Coffee Day, Fantasy Bakery etc.

Some other best food joints in Indore are:

  • Anand Shree – Sitafal Cream & Jamun Shots
  • Apna Sweets – Pohe
  • Bablu Sandwich
  • Cloth Market Pani Patashey
  • Ghamandi Lassi
  • GSITS Aloo Kachori – A small kachori wala selling more than 2000 kachoris a day.
  • Gurukripa- A must visit restaurant located at bustand. A hotspot for College students & youth.
  • Hotel Shreemaya – The best Restaurant  in Indore, serves food that is no doubt good in taste but is also famous for their hospitality.
  • Jain – Nandlalpura – Excellent Garadu
  • Kothari Market – Fruit Salad
  • Lal Balti – Ranade Kachori – Aloo Kachori famous for its green chili chutney.
  • Laxminarayan Dudhwala, Chawani
  • LIG Square, Nr. Life Line – Mahalaxmi – Moong Bhajiya
  • Lotus Hut – Coffee
  • Mangilal Dudh Wala, New Palasia – Paneer & Shrikhand
  • Mathurawala – Milk Cake & Sweets
  • Nagori Shikanji – Dont get confused by the name “shikanji”, it’s not the same one made out of lime juice & water. Its a drink made out of dry fruits & milk, once you have it you would remember this taste throught your life.
  • Neelkanth Bhojnalaya, Nr. Railway Station
  • Panjabi Lassi – An eatry located on jail road, which serves sweet lassi. Just order one big Punjabi lassi & you would not need anything for few hours.
  • Prashant Nashta Corner – The first place in Indore which started selling pohe, still serves the pohe which has a unique taste.
  • R K Chaat House – Court wali gali
  • Saawariya Anti Soda, Nr. Top n Town
  • Sapna Sandwitch – Dont expect low-calorie or green salad sand-witches here, this is a place where people demand extra cheese & butter. Cheese Chutney is a must try here.
  • Sheetal Kulfi, Chhawani & M.G. Road – Kulfi, Faluda, Gajak.
  • Shree Parshwanath Pan Sadan – Famous for maghai paan
  • UDIPI – For best South Indian food.

Readers are requested to add their suggestions in the comments. I will update the list as per your suggestions.

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  1. surya

    the only ingredient dat makes
    the sandwich so tasty is the efforts and love
    of vijay bhaiya n others n about the sandwich’s u
    just cant get enough…
    (vijay shri Sandwich)

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