5 Best ways to lose weight Health

5 Best ways to lose weight naturally

Weight Loss is a simple science of How much you consume & how much you burn. If you consume more & burn less you will definitely gain weight. Now by simple maths if we need to lose weight, either we need to consumes s less or burn more. So we will focus only on these two things. It is not advisable to go starving and lose weight, this way you would lose muscle tissue not fats. One should maintain a healthy rate of weight loss, losing .5 to 1 kg per week is considered healthy.

5 Best ways to lose weight naturally

Best Ways to lose weight Naturally

1. Eat More

Yes eating more really helps, you just need to focus on eating more healthy items than you usually consume. Dont starve or indulge in crash dieting it is no way healthy. You should consume more fresh fruits, vegetables & whole grains. Avoid consuming aerated drinks & refined flours.

2. Drink More

Hydration works wonders when you aim at losing weight. It helps in flushing toxins & maintaining your metabolism at a healthy rate. Drink  water at regular intervals. Dont indulge in Colas in a party, drink a glass of water.

3. Exercise Less & Walk more

Yes this is the biggest misconception, for losing weight people suddenly increase their workout rate. It leads to instant burning of calories & you end up consuming more calories. Instead one should go cycling or walking. Take stairs instead of using elevators, Dont just sit n talk, move around while talking on cellphone. park your car at the end.

4. Dont consume Sugar Free or low-fat products

Sugar Free & Low Fat are just a myth they do more harm than the proclaimed benefits. Just because they are termed as Fat free doesnt mean that they are healthy instead they have more carbohydrates or sugar which means overall more calories. Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Saccharin are really dangerous for your health.

5. Change your lifestyle

Lifestyle is the reason people gain weight over time. Habits should be changed, quit smoking & drinking. Wake up early, do some workout. Morning workout increases your metabolism rate & this increased rate is maintained whole day. Avoid consuming drinks with Sugar overdose. Changes in lifestyle would help you lose weight & prevents from gaining it in future.

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