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Characteristics of a Indori

People say Indore as Mini Mumbai, but for a Indori nothing here is Mini…everything is BIG, way it be his dreams, thinking, skills or his dare. City which was once know for its textiles, is rich in heritage, culture, cuisines & hospitality. People of Indore have their own caste, religion & a distinct class.  Here are few common traits of a Indori:


1. Love for Food


The saying “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” holds perfect for a Indori. His day starts with a pohe with jhannat sev & jalebi. An Indori can travel kilometer to satisfy his taste buds. When the matter is of Food – it should be perfect & for him no dish can be perfect without the presence of sev. Jeeravan is similar to Coca Cola, everyone likes it & formula for it is also secret. In Indore food is a religion & is celebrated daily, people visit food temples like Sarafa & 56 Dukaan and enjoy the divine prasad. People here are more concerned about the rising rates of Namkeen then for the rising rupee. The basic necessity of an Indori is Roti, Kapda, Makaan aur Sev. Sev can act as taste enhancer, filler or can help you in garnishing your dish.

2. Speaks from his heart

Bhiyaa me aap ko bata riya hu k ek Indori keval Indori basha hi bolta hai. Yeh koi challuu basha ni hai Ek number language hai. 

A resident of Indore is called as Indori & the language he speaks is also called as Indori. The language is unique & funny in itself, the people who are not from Indore cant understand the greatness of the words used.

Pankaj Kshirsagar & Rajiv Nema are two true Indori who have done commendable job in popularizing Indori Language. Pankaj has created a whole list of words used in Indori language & their implied meanings.

Indori Dictionary by Pankaj



3. The Indori Attitude

A Indori is known for his attitude, They love to Live Life King Size. He can get anything cheaper from his “Dost ki Dukaan”. If anyone needs to learn how to do friendship, then he must get in touch with a Indori. They are superfast in making friends. They don’t lose hope easily & try hard.  An Indori can not see any guy in pain or suffering, he will leave his own work & help him. People here are really big at heart & generous. “Palak Muchal” is just one big example. In a moment of happiness everyone joins & celebrates & in case of a sorrow or pain even strangers offer their help.

4. Is a born Neta

This is the most significant quality of an Indori, He is a born neta (leader). Always it is the Indori who takes the lead in the group. He is always ready to be in front. Never fears of anybody because he has Pehchaan with all the bade log. Panga chota sa bhi hoga, lekin pechaan to central government tak ki laga li jaegi. Everyone here feels that “Hum Kisise Kum Nahin”.

5. Once a Indori is always a Indori

Many people come Indore as a student & go back, they can never forget this city, memories of driving on narrow roads of Old Indore, congested traffic, joy of watching a houseful movie at Regal Cinema, taste of food at Guru Kripa, long drive on bypass & Ralamandal can never be forgotten. Spirit of a Indori is no less than of a Mumbaikar. No matter which corner a Indori is living, how modern he has became but still he will be an Indori.

Some people from Indore whom we are proud of:

  • Aakanksha Jachak – Singer and Vocalist born in Indore
  • Ahilya Bai Holkar
  • Akshay Pal India’s Dancing Superstar
  • Amay Khurasiya – Former India cricketer.
  • Amir Khan – Hindustani Classical Vocalist born in Indore
  • Captain Mushtaq Ali – Cricketer
  • Celina Jaitely – His father was posted in Mhow
  • Colonel C.K. Nayudu – The first captain of India in Test cricket – born in Indore
  • Hafeez contractor – Famous architect was born in Indore
  • Hansika Motwani – Actress
  • Homi Daji – The veteran trade union leader of Indore.
  • Johnny Walker – King of comedy in Indian cinema born in Indore
  • Kishor Kumar was a student of Christian College Indore.
  • Lata Mangeshkar – Famous Singer was born in Indore
  • M.F.Hussain – Famous painter studied art in Indore.
  • Malhar Rao Holkar
  • Narendra Hirwani – Former India Spinner
  • Palak Muchhal – Singer and social worker from Indore
  • Pooja Batra – Actress
  • Rahat Indori – Famous Urdu poet and film lyricist – Born in Indore
  • Rahul Dravid – Indian cricketer – Born in Indore
  • Raj Singh Dungarpur Ex President BCCI studied at Daly College.
  • Salim Khan- Actor and screenwriter.
  • Salman Khan – Born in Indore and spent childhood up to five years here.
  • Sanjay Jagdale – Cricketer lives in Indore.
  • Sneha Khanwalkar – Music Director
  • Swanand kirkire – Music director
  • Vijayendra Ghadgey – Actor was born in Indore
  • Yashwant Rao Holkar

East or West Indore is best

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