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Best motivational videos on overcoming depression naturally

When we are riding on success we don’t feel the need of motivation or inspiration. This post of mine will help you on that day where you find nothing is going right and every step of yours is resulting in a failure. On that low day spare some time & watch these inspirational videos & boost your confidence. I would say do watch these videos even if you don’t like motivational and inspirational videos. Just watch these videos once & I am sure your view would change instantaneously, These are very short duration videos on overcoming depression, Its my promise that even if you don’t like them you wont feel that you have wasted your time watching them.
Here I am presenting a collection of YouTube videos which will help you in overcoming depression naturally (Without Drugs!).

Videos on overcoming depression


A short video that guides about the story of several successful people.

Nick Vujicic - videos on overcoming depression

A presentation by Nick Vujicic, The man who has no limbs. The thing according to him that matters the most is to try again & again…Though he has no limbs still he enjoys fishing, golfing, Traveling & swimming. He says “Prefer Better over Bitter”

Life Changing Motivational Video by Steve Jobs in Hindi

Life experiences by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc.

Don’t give up! – A True Story

When you don’t give up – You cannot Fail, A true story inspiring you to try hard.

Christian The Lion — Reunited

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