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5 Good Reasons Why You Are Dieting and Exercising But Still Not Losing Weight

Are you dieting and exercising relentlessly but still not losing weight? The answer to this question could be hiding underneath the activities that you consciously or subconsciously could be involving in on a regular basis. Now, you might think that such activities would have little impact on your weight loss campaign, but they may actually detriment your plans without you being aware of it.

So you have been constantly finding yourself the question as to ‘why am I not losing weight,’ then you might be better off answering the following questions first to find the answer to the question that is giving you sleepless nights for quite some time.

1. Do I eat healthy?

When you put your focus on what you are consuming you can expect to get some amazing results. However, if you take it lightly you might end up producing a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone makes your brain feel less full, thus slowing down your metabolism. In order to keep the levels of ghrelin under control, pick nutritious foods such as whole grain bread, soups, etc. Needless to say that you must avoid soft drinks & junk food.

2. Do I carry cash?

The idea might appear a bit old fashioned but carrying cash while grocery shopping can help you avoid spending money on unhealthy and calorie-rich food, claims a recent study. When you carry cash with you, you are likely to feel an immediate hit in the wallet. This, in turn, will keep you away from impulsive purchases on junk foods.

3. Do I spend a lot of time thinking about workouts?

Avoid it as it might prompt you to consume more calories than you actually should. Keep your intake limited to around 150 calories before hitting the gym.

4. Do I stay glued to my desk for hours?

This is one of the biggest reasons for not losing weight. Sitting for long hours restricts the production of lipase, which happens to be a natural fat-inhibiting enzyme. To boost its production, stand, move and stretch every hour. This will provide a boost to your metabolism by up to 15%. Fidgeting is another good option as it will help your body to increase calorie burn rate by 50%.

5. Do I take adequate sleep?

Insufficient sleep causes craving for carbohydrates and fats, says a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study found that people who do sleep for less than 4 hours consume 300 calories more than the ones who sleep for at least 6 hours. Moreover, their fat intake is also 21 grams more than their counterparts.  So change your routine and sleep for at least 6 ½ hours, if not more. You will not only find yourself much more relaxed but charged up to burn those extra amount of fats as well.

You may be amazed to know that you can lose weight without dieting and exercising, Yes you read it write, they are all natural weight loss home remedies which wont have any side effects.


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